JLD Dike Stabilization is a flexible innovation with great potential to meet the “more with less” remit.


 JLD Dike Stabilizer, more dike for less money

The JLD Dike Stabiliser is applied in the inner slope of the dyke and is installed from the inner slope or crest and, therefore, a widening of the relevant dyke is not required in many cases.

Light equipment that has a high production speed is used to install the JLD Dike Stabiliser. The elements are only positioned at those locations where they are needed. An efficient design can, therefore, be offered. If more stability is required in the future because of any amendments to the standard, additional elements can be installed in the ground. The installation of the JLD Dike Stabiliser has less of an impact on the environment than piling of sheet pile walls and solutions involving earth filling while a higher production speed can be achieved and, therefore, less inconvenience and pollution can be caused.



Innovation in dike reinforcement


Reinforcing dykes is of course of utmost importance, especially for Dutch people. JLD Contracting is the producer and supplier of the innovative JLD Dyke Stabiliser that ensures that dyke reinforcement is possible in a simple manner, but especially in a cheap and affordable manner.

It is our dream to offer people a more secure environment, protecting them better against dyke failure and also to warn them in an earlier stage when dykes are weakened.

Together with its partners Antea Group, Wiertsema & Partners and Deltares, JLD is developing the de JLD dike stabiliser. This development is an innovative dike-improvement technique whose purpose is to increase the inward stability (macro-stability) of dikes. This technique is executed and financed by Waterschap Rivierenland within the macro-stability POV, a project in the Dutch Flood Protection Programme (Dutch: Nederlandse Hoog Water Beschermingsprogramma – HWBP).





Wiertsema & Partners

Waterschap Rivierenland


Major step in the development of dyke reinforcement


In October 2018 JLD Contracting started strengthening the Ringdijk Watergraafsmeer, which is located in the Watergraafsmeer district of Amsterdam East, on the south side of the canal. The dike starts at the Amstel and ends at the A10 Ring Road East at the height of the Zeeburgerbrug.We reinforce the part between the Wibautstraat and the Middenweg. The length of the piece is one kilometer dike. A big step to reinforce dikes in the Netherlands and abroad.


In cooperation with FacilityApps and Vodafone JLD Contracting uses Internet of Things to prevent flooding.


In June 2015 done there were two trials – after a year of preparation and field research – on a trial dike in Purmerend, one with JLD-Dike stabilizer and one without. This dike trials, where a dike breach was forced, were very successful.